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  Business Transfer Specialists will spend the time needed with our clients to aid them through the entire process of selecting and purchasing a business.  During the initial free consultation period, BTS and it's client will discuss several key factors that will give us direction on when, where and how to proceed, including:

  • Business size, type and location
  • Buyer qualifications related to skill and experience (corporate buyer: a company brochure; individual: a resume).
  • ​Buyer financial resources (A financial statement or other verifiable information may be required)
  • Buyer's desired involvement with the business (hands on, indirect, part time, full time, investment only, etc.).
  • Business Financial requirements including; return on investment, cash flow, owner discretionary income, etc.
  • Financing options available to prospective buyers, including Small Business Administration (SBA) loan information and how to apply / qualify.
  • Familiarization period (time the existing business owner is willing to stay involved in the operation of the business after the sale transaction is complete). 

  Prior to receiving a CBR (Confidential Business Review) on a company of interest, BTS requires the following forms be completed by a buyer:

1) BUYER Confidentiality Agreement (PDF format)

2) BUYER Financial Statement (or other verifiable information) (PDF format)  

3) Buyer Profile: (corporate buyer: a company brochure; individual: a resume). In place of a resume, fill out this form (PDF): Buyer Profile 

If you would like information on a company, please download and print our confidentiality agreement and financial statement, complete, e-mail or fax (or mail) along with your background information. A Business Transfer Specialist associate will contact you to discuss your interests. 
Buyer Information:
   Buyers searching for a business to purchase will normally have a substantial amount of unanswered questions and uncertainty. 


  • How do buyers find a suitable business for sale since most businesses are not advertised? 
  • How do buyers get the necessary information in making a buying decision? 
  • Who will assist the buyer and the seller through the closing process? 

     The Answer: Contact Business Transfer Specialists for a confidential meeting.

     We Will Discuss:

  • Your business interest, including your preference and location. 
  • Alternative opportunities available to you. 
  • Your financial commitment for the acquisition of a business. 
  • Our search and matching service. 
  • Procedures to follow in making an offer, and the process of due diligence before closing the transaction. 
  • Confidentiality, level of comfort, and personal financial ability.